About Our Organization

ASGC’s mission is to improve the lives of everyone impacted by autism from diagnosis throughout the lifespan. We connect families to resources, provide recreational and social experiences, and build community and support networks so families that too often feel alone and isolated are able to thrive.

We offer support groups where we can have honest, open conversations about the joys and challenges of living with autism. We have recreational programs that provide structured, safe fun activities for children, teens and adults. We also have one of the most comprehensive databases of resources in our region and we help connect families to whatever resources they need – from therapists to hair dressers who understand autism – and help navigate through their autism journey.

Our nonprofit organization was founded by local parents and professionals in 1971, the first such organization in this area at a time when autism was rare and misunderstood. Through the years Autism Society Greater Cincinnati has proven to be a trusted and caring resource for families, as well as a leading advocate for the local autism community. Today, decades after our founding, 1 out of 54 individuals have autism -- nearly 40,000 in the greater Cincinnati area. 

Over the past 2 years, we've expanded programming for preschoolers and adults.  We've also added new programming for school age children and teens, and during this time of COVID-19 we've expanded programming to an online weekly format, and have added online support groups for parents and professionals.

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