2020 hasn't been easy -- but that's not going to stop us at ASGC from working to improve the lives of all affected by autism.  

Head over to our Silent Auction page (opens on October 5th) to look through some of our great auction items.  Bidding on Silent Auction items will open one week prior to the event, Thursday, October 15th at 6:30pm and goes until 8:30pm on October 22nd (1 hour after event ending).

We'll also be holding a "Creative Pumpkin Contest" this year, awarding a trophy to:

  • "Most Creative - Decorated Pumpkin"  and
  • "Most Creative - Carved Pumpkin

We're asking you to vote on your favorite pumpkins so "The People" will decide!  (you will be able to vote on the Auction Site - don't worry, we'll send out reminders!)

Submit 1-2 photos any time, we’re accepting submissions now!  Send a photo of your pumpkin to pumpkinpalooza@yahoo.com by October 19th at 12pm, and voting starts at 4pm on October 19th.  We'll upload the photos to the Silent Auction page. 

From October 19th-October 22nd, head over to the Silent Auction page to cast your vote for your favorite pumpkins!



  • Do you need to decorate or carve a pumpkin if you purchase a ticket? 
    • No, it's optional, but the $25 ticket gets you an entrance to the Pumpkin Contest & access to our Live Stream and Silent Auction on 10/22
  • Will this be a like a Zoom Call where I'll be on video? 
    • No, the format will be a combination of Live Feed from several presenters, along with some pre-recorded video, but participants won't be on video - you'll be in view-only mode!
  • Will there be a way to engage with the presenters and other participants during the event?
    • Yes!  we will have a live chat function so you can comment or ask questions, or say hi to friends you know are attending during the live event
  • Remind me again, when does the Silent Auction open?  
    • The page & auction items will be available for viewing starting October 5th
    • Bidding on items will open on October 12th
    • Bidding will end October 22nd at 8:30pm
  • And what about the pumpkins?  
    • Deadline to submit Pumpkins is October 19th at 12pm 
    • Voting on Pumpkins will take place from October 19th - October 22nd


Say Hi to Parker, our 2018 Most Original Pumpkin Winner:


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