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Donation Packages
  • $1,000 Donation - Helpline

    For every $1,000 donation, we're able to provide Helpline Support -- email and phone resources for one month. In a 1-month span we respond to nearly 40 new inquiries. That might not seem like many in volume but they are frequently complex questions and we spend significant amount of time researching and assisting families with finding the right solution to whatever their current question. We often have lengthy conversations to make sure we are offering the best information possible.

  • $500 Donation - Teen Time

    For every $500 donation, we're able to support 2 nights of Teen Time and Adult Game Night, which runs every week for teens and adults providing an opportunity to socialize, along with games and activities.

  • $250 Donation - Adult Support Group

    For every $250 donation, we're able to support 3 support groups for adults and their families/caregivers – we run 5 every month and we're currently receiving requests to host more Adult Support Groups throughout the greater Cincinnati area.

  • $100 Donation - School Age Programming

    For every $100 donation, we're able to support two children in Preschool or School Age programming.

  • $50 Donation - Community Educational Programming

    For every $50 donation, we are able to support community educational programming.

General Donation

Thank you so much for your support! As we say -- every dollar stays local!

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